Moves Adds Change (MAC)

Moves, adds and changes (MAC) is the general term for the routine work performed on computer equipment in an enterprise, including installations, relocations and upgrades.

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Moves, adds, and changes (MAC) is the routine up-keeping of computing equipment to keep systems up-to-date and in alignment with user requirements. MAC is typically conducted by the IT team MAC requests are used to address the following:

Relocation of PCs and/or peripherals, Hardware or software upgrades and equipment swaps or replacements.

Modern data centres are constantly changing and they continue to become more dense, complex, and distributed. Today’s business initiatives require organisations to secure, leverage, and analyse massive amounts and varieties of data, and data centre professionals must be able to provision as fast as possible in order to meet IT resource demand.

Moving often involves the physical relocation of hardware, equipment, and devices. It is a typically a very complex process that is more than merely picking something up and moving it elsewhere. Moving requires connections to be removed, devices to be uninstalled, and the proper packaging of materials before they are shipped to a new location. Complications within the moving process may result in expensive damages to essential equipment, which can decrease an organisation’s efficiency and therefore decrease uptime

Since data centres are constantly changing, it is imperative that organisations keep pace with constant upgrades to their infrastructure. This may include upgrading and enhancing new hardware/software platforms, or it could include the introduction of new platforms altogether. These additions are intended to maximise the output of the organisation with the most cost-effective, efficient solution.

The change process usually involves the modification or replacement of existing hardware/software. Change is needed when a piece of equipment exceeds its useful life and decreases the efficiency of the system. The repair or replacement may be applied to the targeted piece of equipment, or the system as a whole may need to be altered depending on the complexity of the change. Change is primarily intended to build on existing systems, set new configurations, back up data, and set recovery.

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