Working with a multitude of hospitality businesses across the UK, NextGen is confident in delivering an extensive bespoke range of cabling infrastructure projects. 

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Consumers are increasingly relying on online information to help them make their purchasing decision, and mobile technologies mean that in-store IT infrastructure and location-based marketing are every bit as important as e-shopping platforms and Facebook pages.

It’s not just the consumer who depends on internet access and infrastructure – in-store customer engagement increasingly revolves around a combination of assistant and online tools via a tablet or some other device.

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Copper Cabling

Copper Cat5e, Cat6, Cat 6a and Cat 7 solutions
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Fibre Cabling

Over 30 years experience of working on Fibre Optic Cables
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internet protocol cameras use an internet network to record, store and send footage data.
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IP Access Control

IP Access Control provides a stable, long lasting base for providing network layer security
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Moves Adds Changes (MAC)

Work performed on computer equipment in an enterprise, including installations, relocations and upgrades.
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